Bottle to Bottle – J Scott Franklin’s Latest

I’m hoping someone will create a video to catch the essence of this powerful tune…







  1. I’m just dropping a note about this song.

    The Short Story:

    I have been lucky in life that any addictions I have ever had I was able to end before they ruined my life or hurt others. Many of us know people who weren’t so lucky and many of us know people who ruined other people’s lives (even their mothers’) because of their addiction.

    Part of why a mother’s life can be ruined by her child’s addiction is that they (with few exceptions) will always take you back, even to the detriment of their own relationships or finances.

    This song is about someone who is trying to change, or maybe has changed. They feel more accepted in a bar than in a church, because they have burned so many people in the church, that it is hard to find forgiveness or acceptance there.

    And though they can’t count on people or thierself, this person knows two things hold true in life-
    1. Mamas always take you back
    2. Jesus always saves

    No matter where you are, what you did, or what you are going to do.

    The Long Story:

    When I finished this song, I definitely knew I hadn’t written it. It was the holy spirit. I was holed up for a week in my favorite place ever, Emporia, Va and was getting in touch with parts of me that had been left there many years ago.

    While taking a drive to a nearby town, I grabbed my tape recorder and the lines started to flow out. The subject “From the Bottle, to the Bottle to the Grave”, was initially going to be one of my typical classic country type songs. However, as the lines came out into the tape recorder, a voice in the back of my head keep saying it was alright to add the other phrases I was hearing that would make it more than just a country song.

    On the drive back to my hotel room, more verses and the outline of the song came out.

    By the time I was in my room at 11pm, the song was done in my recorder. I wrote it down, made a few minor changes and recorded what you hear into my computer. I listened over and over until about 5 am and then sent it to Juri and fell asleep.

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