Peggy’s Story Montana, Cleveland, Montana

(This praise report was sent in to & shared with permission of the author.)

Hello Friends in Christ!

My name in Carole Diede and I live in Glendive, MT.   On October 18, 2009, my sister, Peggy Clark, became seriously ill with a blood infection that was detected at a small local hospital in Dillon, Mt.  Drs. there figured that the infection wa caused by a bad gall bladder.

Given the seriousness of the infection, she was flown to a hospital in Missoula, Mt to have the gall bladder removed – the old fashioned way.  Only after removing the gall bladder was it determined that there was a different source of infection. 

At that point, Drs. determined that her artificial heart valves and the lead wire to her pacemaker were seriously infected.  This caused serious concern, and Peg was flown to the Cleveland Clinic for a very complicated and risky heart surgery (which we found out later has only been preformed 3 or 4 times in Cleveland) 

Although the surgery was deemed a success, she was not waking up or responsive.  The family was devastated and I was especially concerned about where she would spend eternity. 

I contacted people of MetroAlliance after consulting the Alliance church directory.  I asked if someone would visit my sister (even though she was in a coma) and annoint her.  Unfortunately, when someone went to see my sister, he was unable to visit with my mother and my sister’s husband Rick.  He did annoint Peg and then left a copy of the New Testament. 

I had encouraged Rick to read aloud to Peg because I thought the sound of his voice could be a comfort to her.  Both Rick and Mom began reading out of the New Testament.  Even in Peg’s comatose state, when Rick would read to her from the New Testament, her blood pressure would go down. 

Peg had many complications including strokes, blood clots, pneumonia and the resistant blood infection not to mention recovering from two  major surgeries.  The blood clots in Peg’s upper left hand caused her to loose circulation in her fingertips.  The fingertips turned an awful black but they were unable to be treated medically because her state was too fragile.  The medical providers did, however, put a big warm mitten on her hand after about a week. 

All the while we were praying for healing.  When Rick would read anything but the New Testament, Peg would club him with that big mitten – even being in a coma. 

Although the family has been loving and supporting, this whole ordeal was taking a toll.  Then, real devastation hit when a nurse practioner told us that Peg’s most recent stroke would most likely leave her blind and mute.  We were all crushed. 

So many days we thought these would be her last days. 

I am fortunate to work in an environment filled with Christians and had the prayerful support from the Glendive Alliance Church.  After 44 days in Cleveland’s ICU, ( the average stay being 3-5 days), Peggy was transferred back to Montana.  We prayed, prayed and prayed and on December 31, 2009, Peggy was taken out of ICU in Missoula.  She has since been to Rehab and will be released on Firday, January 15, 2010 to go home to Dillon Montana where she has not been in nearly 3 months. 

So how’s she doing, you ask?? 

She is walking, talking, working word puzzles, shopping, doing laundry.  She has vision that is improving daily. And, her fingers are “pinking” up and she is likely to only loose a part of the finger tips when before it looked as though she would loose 3/4 of her finger on two fingers and her entire index finger.

But, of course  the real beauty of the story is that,thru the prayers, God has been faithful and showed our family of Hiis power and might. 

For those of you who haven’t been in the Cleveland ICU: it is an area with approximately 12 beds separated by half walls.  It is my belief that others lives could have also been changed by Rick and Mom’s reading.  It gave people the opportunity to hear the Word and I am so thankful for that. 

Given my sister’s medical trauma, by human standards, it would have seemed like the only was this would end would be in death.  But, God had a different plan that was impossible to see in the thick of things. 

At one pont in Cleveland, the nurse came in and said “this is totally unexplainable” when she became respoonsive.  Ha ha.  Not if you have God!

When I call my sister in Rehab, it is most likely that she and her husband are reading the new Bible that they bought.  She loves to be prayed with and I am ever thankful that God has worked so faithfully in this situation.

I know that this is long, but I do want to thank each and everyone of you who prayed and/ or visited and annointed Peggy.  I thank God that we have fellowship even 2,000 miles away.  Someday I hope to come to Cleveland and visit your church and I would welcome anyone from your church to do the same!

 Blessing on You All,

Carole J. Diede


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