How God Led Me to MetroAlliance

Some say God’s leading is a pecular thing or perhaps a tad nebulus.  On the one hand, I like to think of God’s leading as perfectly unique to the person He’s leading, while on the other hand His leading is also in perfect harmony with the fullness of His revealed Word.  So, reading about how other’s have been led by God often can help us get a better perspective on how He might be leading us right now.

May these stories open your world to hear God’s voice echoing through the pages of Scripture & into your world…

 The sovereign master will give you distress to eat and suffering to drink; but your teachers will no longer be hidden; your eyes will see them.  You will hear a word spoken behind you, saying, “This is the correct way, walk in it,” whether you are heading to the right or the left.  NET Isaiah 30:20-21

  1. Carl says:

    I had spent many years at a large suburban church. I moved into Ohio City as a fluke … or so I thought. I moved into a friend’s house when another friend moved out to get married. It looked like a typical move, nothing special.

    But I wasn’t able to get to and from church well. And truth be told, I really needed to move on and find another church anyway. Being far too stagnant at church, I was in need of a new home. Nor did I really “Get” Christianity back then, without realizing it, I was really lacking some fundamentals.

    And God moved.

    There used to be a small coffee shop a few blocks from where I live. One day, a couple was in there, and I overheard the woman quote or paraphrase Scripture! A little later I asked her what church she went to….

    Here is where it gets fun. I didn’t know MAC existed. However, when talking to this woman, I found out that I already knew her mother, who goes to MAC! More than that, I had actually worked with her mother in a Christian ministry.

    So, I sat in the back for a while, and got used to a very different type of church experience than I was used to. Eventually I jumped in, became a member, and it’s been a great and ongoing growth experience.

  2. Carl says:

    One lesson I learned since coming to MAC:

    I sat in a pew (at another church) for many years. It never occurred to me to define basic Christian living as loving God by loving others. I knew that Jesus summarized the law into two commandments. But it didn’t really translate to real life. I don’t think I saw how they were connected, the “by” part. They were separate … you love God by worship, etc., and then you love others. Wrong.

    I knew I wasn’t very active in church, and would complain about not being used, not seeing a way to really be used. Big church, lots of people, no way for me to have anything to do but move boxes and other things that seemed too menial to be fulfilling … a waste, I thought. My heart had defined being used by God in narrow ways, more in terms of leadership or teaching.

    It seemed like a big pyramid, you get 100 people to do a bunch of menial tasks so that one Christian star could shine (which is a reversal of Eph. 4). I know that’s probably not a fair estimation of that church, but it is what I felt. Mumble, grumble.

    I saw myself as lost in a crowd, and thought that my potential was ignored by leadership (which in retrospect wasn’t fair to them). I had my tiny group of friends, and showed some love there, but that was about it.

    I don’t think it ever occurred to me that I had missed Christ’s heart by not initiating practical love and pushing forward into laying my life down. I had defaulted to a selfish view of Christianity, a self-serving lifestyle and an over-emphasis on certain types of ministry over others.

    That big crowd was a huge potential ministry, which I never fulfilled, just because I was to self-centered and unloving to really engage more of the people around me in a fuller way. If I had gotten outside of myself and met some needs, soothed some hearts, cared for some people, gave more practical help ….

    Ironically, had I been initiating practical love more, the elders would have finally had something to notice! They didn’t use me much, but perhaps I didn’t really give them much reason to.


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