062011? Wendell

That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord”, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.  Romans 10:9 NIV

I love Jesus Christ, He is without question Lord & Savior of my life.  Words cannot express my love for Him.  Every fiber of my being crys out to Jesus.

This wasn’t always the case, as a child 7-8 years of age I gave my life to Jesus with the    nurturing of my grandmother and my church family, I was taught Gods words, I knew Jesus was my Savior.

At 15 I couldn’t have been convinced I would ever turn my back on Jesus or live without God in my life.

At 17 I was gone.  The love I knew was a faint memory.  I spent the next 23 years of my life lost, depressed, feeling alone and angry.  Always angry.  By now I had 3 beautiful children and a wife that loved me as much as I love them.  But I couldn’t get rid of the bitterness and sadness inside me.  It doesn’t take more than a glance and very little imagination to see or understand the life I was living and it affected everyone I cared about.  I tried everything I could do.  Everything money could buy, to fix my problem, Only I couldn’t see what my problem with life was.  On the outside life looked good, great family, good job, friends. (although the wrong kind of friends.)

In 2000 I was in a Psychiatry Ward being treated for Depression and Bipolar Disorder.  Analyzed, medicated scare and alone.  It did not help.  Looking back I can tell you life without Jesus no matter how much you have or how good your family is a dark and empty place that can’t be filled with drugs, friends, alcohol, money or anything this world has.

In July of 2000 I began to feel Gods love for me once more.  I didn’t understand it at first.  But I couldn’t ignore it.  Why, When, How, I don’t know and it’s not important to me.  All I know is I woke up from my sin coma disgusted and ashamed with what I’ve

done with the life God has given me.  I know I could never get back the years I didn’t give to God.  To me it was 23 years, but to my God it was less than a second, nothing.

Today all of the hurt and loneliness I felt is just a faint memory.  My life is bright and full.  I thank Jesus every second of every day for coming to get me when I was lost.

Teach up a child in the way of the Lord and he will never depart from it.

At 41 years of age in front of my family and church family I’m going to be baptized in Jesus name.  God is never late.


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