082811 Kevin

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone at MetroAlliance church for making me and my family feel at home.  THis church and everyone in it are a blessing from God.  I would have never thought that I would become a man of God because I was too busy doing my own thing, getting into trouble, disrespecting those I love and those around me that I never thought of the consequences.  I always seemed to be apologizing to everyone around me but never actually giving them the opportunity to forgive me themselves.

The day I realized that I couldn’t change the path I was on without some type of help or divine intervention had to be the day I seen myself in my son.  After a long day at work I came home in a horrible mood.  My anger got the best of me, as it usually had, and I started yelling and screaming at my family over something petty.  When I had turned around, my son was yelling and flipping out like I’ve never seen in a child.

I had went upstairs to my man-cave to try and relax.  I had the image of my son flipping out stuck in my head and I thought of the saying “like father, like son.”  I literally broke down at the thought of my son heading down the same path I was on.  At that moment in my attic, I did the only thing I could think of and I prayed.  I asked God to forget about me and my problems, if only he would help my son from the anger he undoubtedly got from me.

As you can all see, hopefully, I am a believer.  God not only helped my son, but He did not forget me and I am no longer a slave to my anger.  I can now say I am comfortable with Christ.  I believe Christ died for my sin and rose from the dead to make me free.


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