061911 Israel

As a teenager I lived a sinful life like it was controlled by the devil.  I knew about God since I was a little boy but when I got to my teens I didn’t have time for Him. Money was coming as fast as I can spend it.  So I didn’t need Jesus Christ…I thought.

After selling drugs for a little while I ended up in jail.  After prison I thought I had learned my lesson and turned to Jesus Christ.  That faded.  Started selling drugs again.  My wife was pregnant and I got locked up again.

When I got out my sister introduced me to a good pastor, one that didn’t judge me.  I went to his church.  It was good.  I was going a Sunday here, a Sunday there.   I stopped selling drugs but I was still smoking weed and going to church high.  Some Sundays, my wife was in church while I was home high.  My life was breaking apart.  Everything that God put in my life was being torn apart.

So one day I talked with God and He said the time is now to make that change. So since January 2011, God changed me.  Now, every Sunday I enjoy His Word.  I been sober.  My family is better.  He is an awesome God!

Today, I will like to be baptized to show my love and obedience to my Father, Jesus Christ.


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