(a.k.a. baptism…kerplunk, going deep, etc)

If folks want to post their Jesus story & why they wanted to get baptised, then we’ll have some nested pages for that in here.  So if you want to be encouraged by reading these baptism stories or if you want to submit one, then these nested pages are where to click.

Now for an exericise in unpacking some baptismal profundity…

God can & did save us from our sin.  Believing that He did this in & through the perfect life & sinless death of His Eternal Son & that He did this for you is enough for your to do as He has done…get immersed.  God Himself immersed Himself into the creation when He immersed Himself in human flesh, immersed Himself in human sin, and even immersed Himself in the conequences of our sin…death.   But thanks be to God, The Eternal Son is both the Author of life & the eseence of Life, hence, His returing to life from the dead was a given!  (He even said so Himself that He would & that the prophets & psalms foretold it even though His first followers didn’t quite get it right away).

So, if you are in Christ, then do as He has done…kerplunk!


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