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A friend of mine recently shared this story.  I was so moved by it that I asked her permission to let me share it with the world.

Between August 2010 and December 2010 I experienced a series of losses, none more heartbreaking than both my parents dying (my mother had been ill, and my dad had a heart attack shortly after she had died.)  The grieving process was beginning to be crushing as I felt this deep deep loss.  I couldn’t wrap my mind around these things!  But one day as I was worshipping the Living God, I remembered that death isn’t the end of the story and my parent’s were now free to worship in the FULLNESS, and there was an overwhelming comfort that when I finish this journey on earth I will be welcomed to join them in worship.  This not only brought comfort, but true joy to my heart.

Years prior, my mother, in wanting to give me a gift, began calling my voicemail while I was working and reading scripture.  I had saved many of these recordings and when she became ill I put them on a flash drive to ensure their safety forever.  Often at the end of the scripture she would let me know she was waiting for my call and that she loved me.

I wanted and needed a reminder of this perspective change- often the Lord tells His people to build an altar to remember what He has done in a particular place- and so I wanted to create a similar memorial stone.  Through modern day technology, I was able to put my mom’s recorded voice in a program, and take a picture of the sound waves.

The picture below is the picture of my mother’s voice saying, “I’m waiting for you honey, I love you.”

Christine Dunson Im Waiting for you honey I love you

This has become my eternal perspective memorial stone of sorts.  I am able to quickly shift my crushing thoughts of what I’ve lost or am missing to what heaven has gained and what I have to look forward to!

When people share what they think my tattoo is, the most popular answer is a cross.  I could not have planned that, but I find it very significant and poignant that the mark of eternal perspective and love also happens to be a cross.

Divine Coordination

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I don’t know why I still get surprised at circumstances that are out of my control.  It must be because I think I have some sense of control over circumstances.  When I wake up to the reality that I have no control at all over circumstances, my eyebrows furrow as my mind begins to wonder…could God be up to something again?  Is He again trying to get my attention?

A week ago Sunday I had the pleasure of preaching only 3 verses… Genesis 2.1-3 …and boy did God want to make SURE that I myself lived out what I had preached.  The week before I preached about this first Sabbath Rest was a week jam packed.  The week afterwards was just as packed. 

Then, as my wife & I were to scheduled to have a jam packed weekend with 16 hours of travel in 72, God rescheduled everything!  Out of those 72 hours, we only ended up driving a total of 2 hours.  The rest of the time included things we almost never have a chance to do: naps, a movie, going out to eat, playing board games, a long walk in a town that had a Chocolate Festival & an ice scuplture fair, and a cottage stay in the snow with a snowy hike around our favorite campground!  We even had quality time for deep, heart felt conversations, prayer, & planning about our kids without their interruptions (since they were with a dear friend)!

The end result was an almost completely new outlook on our life together as husband & wife, as parents, and as colaborers in the Lord’s vinyard!  Wow!  Thank you Jesus!

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Stories in Other Places

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Is it possible that God may be leading us to lead our brothers & sisters into a cooperative ministry model?

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